When am I not changing something?

The time has come to switch e-commerce platform providers. There have been too many questionable charges and annoyances of late with my present provider, and the long plan was always to upgrade to a more professional platform anyway.

With the changing of the storefront, I’ll also be switching platforms for gvw.ink. WordPress has been a great bridge, but it’s always been just that. I need a site that’s integrated with the storefront in order to tighten up my online presence and to reduce the work that it takes to keep things updated.

The new site will be both a portfolio and a nexus linking out to where I’m posting my content. It’s no secret that I’ve chosen to monetize my content and knowledge via Patreon, and the usual daily chatter will continue to appear on Facebook. If anything, I expect the content will revolve around appearances and releases.

Thanks for reading!