I finished drawing the Dapper Decal design for the Stretch Goal reward. There are very nearly 1,000 decals already slated to go out as free rewards to backers of the Book Curse bookplate Kickstarter. I also made these fun decals available as an add-on for all backers at the $12 level and above, and a number of avid fans have already taken advantage of the offer. I love it when a design is so well received!

As per my usual M.O., I’ll ignore the colored version for a couple of days and then adjust the color levels once I can view it with fresh eyes. As I won’t have a close enough estimate of how many decals I’ll need until the very end of the Kickstarter, time isn’t an issue yet (plus, they ship quickly).

Closing thought– I quite enjoy drawing at a 2x scale and then watching the art transform as it’s reduced to production scale.