In very ancient days the creation of books, manuscripts, tablets and scrolls was an exacting and laborious process. Scribes worked meticulously to perfectly reproduce and record cultural, religious, and political records using expensive materials that were designed to last for centuries. So important was the veracity of these documents that in the unfortunate occasion of a mistake, the document would often be destroyed so as to not perpetuate any errors.

Of equal importance to the accuracy of these artifacts was their care and protection. Therefore, it was common practice to invoke the wrath of gods and all manner of supernatural havoc upon any who would seek to edit, steal, or destroy any of these works. This protection took the form of what is now referred to as a Book Curse.


Inspired by this idea of an ‘Ex Libris’ bookplate that doubles as dire warning for any potential book thieves, I’ve set my poisoned pen to the illustration of a set of Book Curse bookplates which has just launched on Kickstarter!

This is my third Kickstarter, and the underlying goal is to help defray the cost of a new pro-grade printer that I’ve long had the need for. While the project is still a few hours short of the 24 hour mark it’s already been selected as a “Project We Love” by the Kickstarter staff and the first two Stretch Goals have already been met (meaning new designs and additional free bookplates for all backers at the $12 reward level and higher)!

You may now mark your precious books as your own with sexy, sexy bookplates that you can also write your own protective curses upon, all the while helping a working artist to get much needed upgrades to his shop equipment. All tiers include the cost of shipping! Worldwide! Now make a pledge and be done with it already!