I’m no Stephen King, but the title is appropriate enough for the experience.

Here’s a public post from my Patreon page whereby I wax briefly poetic on the topic of writing a creation story.

I just finished the first pass of the creation story that sets the world of Rose & Thorn into motion (I’ll post it to backers this evening once I’ve had the chance to get away from it for a few hours, so as to revise it where necessary).

I’ve never tried to write a creation story before. It’s challenging, especially when you’re trying to write an antedeluvian story from the perspective of someone who has long been high and dry. While it won’t become canon until the actual novella has been written and the subsequent corrections made to the creation narrative, I still made every effort to make every point meaningful.

In it, you’ll read things that remind you of other things, and see new words that may remind you of others if you sound them out. It’s all deliberate, except for the ones that ring hollow. I absolve myself of any responsibility for those, and they are yours alone. As the trustworthy narrator, you must believe me in this.

It was a fun departure to write of the proto-gods and the gods that followed, gods who aren’t nice or even very concerned about us mortal folk. In this respect, they’re very much like the Titans and their children, yet I don’t foresee a helpful Hephaestus giving us fire (unless it was only meant to be a destructive tool).

Finally, while this creation narrative sets the great ball in motion, don’t become complacent. Before we pick up with Rose & Thorn the seemingly familiar terrain will give way to landslides, establishing the proper terroir for the tale yet vinted from these particular grapes of wrath.

If you’ve done any work on a creation story or simply a deeeeep background for a story you’re working on, you’re welcome to comment or even post a link to where you’ve posted your own thoughts.