I hope you’ve been well, at least as well as I’ve been, which I confess has been rather good. In an effort to take something which has been reasonably good and hoist it up to where it can mingle with those things which have been (and remain) rather good, I’ve decided that it’s time to try out a new direction where my website is concerned.

I’ve been using Weebly for my gvw.ink website and while I can’t complain about their tools or service (to their credit they are quite good) it’s too much to noodle around with when I’m just as inclined to make a blog post as I am to post an image or update the gallery or share some silly thing that I’ve discovered. I find that I’ve grown somewhat tired of having to re-learn how to do Things. When the mood strikes I simply want to post about a particular Thing, and then go back to drawing some other Thing, or even writing yet some other Thing, because these are the most important Things.

Things have become important to me, and processes a bit less so. It occurs to me that the processes have, if anything, become more demanding. They’ve begun to behave as though they are the end unto themselves, when they should instead remain an adjunct by which the real ends are met more expediently. Grease for the wheels, as it were.

I also remain under the impression that WordPress sites are much more likely to be findable due to their mature tagging system. I do wish to be findable, though not necessarily un-lost.

Additionally, I’d someday like to bring my online store into my own website. It seems a cozy if not complete union. Having separate URLs is distracting, if only to me, and I’ve been getting a bit chapped at some of Storenvy’s changes which affect both my store and my customers’ experience.

In any event, I’m not even certain when I’ll make the final transition from the old site to this new one. Perhaps the best plan will be to remain un-found and wait for findability to occur.

In the meantime, I’d appreciate anything you may have to contribute where using WordPress or some other service of choice is concerned, or simply what you find has worked for you where maintaining an easily manageable web presence.

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