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Changes are afoot

When am I not changing something? The time has come to switch e-commerce platform providers. There have been too many questionable charges and annoyances of late with my present provider, and the long plan was always to upgrade to a... Continue Reading →


Octopus decal design

I finished drawing the Dapper Decal design for the Stretch Goal reward. There are very nearly 1,000 decals already slated to go out as free rewards to backers of the Book Curse bookplate Kickstarter. I also made these fun decals available as an... Continue Reading →

Creative update 01/14

The Book Curse bookplates project has sort of exploded. I mean, it's no million-dollar Kickstarter success story, but as of this morning I have over $7,500 pledged for bookplates and original art (of which only 2 designs remain unsold). I... Continue Reading →

Book Curse: Ex Libris Bookplates for Vindictive Bibliophiles

In very ancient days the creation of books, manuscripts, tablets and scrolls was an exacting and laborious process. Scribes worked meticulously to perfectly reproduce and record cultural, religious, and political records using expensive materials that were designed to last for... Continue Reading →

On writing: creation stories

I'm no Stephen King, but the title is appropriate enough for the experience. Here's a public post from my Patreon page whereby I wax briefly poetic on the topic of writing a creation story. I just finished the first pass... Continue Reading →


Someone used up all of the proper gift wrap, so I was left to wrap her gift with plain brown kraft paper.  I think this turned out rather well 🙂

Rose & Thorn: a fantasy novella

That's the working title, anyway. I'm writing it. Come along for the ride. There may be cookies.

Lavender marshmallows!

These taste exactly the way I imagine Angela Lansbury tastes (it's an inside joke). Seriously though, if you grew up eating Violets candies, you'll find that these marshmallows are divine. Get them here.

In the beginning…

I've recently made a few lifestyle changes and the clarity that I've since experienced has fueled me both physically and artistically. I'm drawing with more regularity than I have in a long while, and I'm also writing again during those... Continue Reading →

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